At Kielder Primary School, we expect all children to wear our school uniform which is easily accessible and realistically priced. School uniform is important when the children are on school trips, but also helps provide a sense of community and belonging when the children are in school.

It consists of the following:

• Black or grey pinafore, skirt or trousers – available from supermarkets

• A white polo shirt – available from supermarkets

• A red cardigan or sweatshirt with the school logo. These are priced at £10 - £14 each and need to be ordered through school. We source these from Middlemiss Embroidery

• Sensible, well-fitting shoes suitable for playing outside.

• A school bag with the school logo on it, ordered through school for £7.

Hair should be tied back where necessary and children should not wear any jewellery, including stud earrings.

PE Kit

• Logo T Shirt - these need to be ordered through school at a cost of £8

• Black shorts – available from supermarkets

• PE shoes and/or trainers

Tracksuit bottoms may be required when the children are doing outdoor lessons.

PE kits should be brought to school every day.

We have a small amount of preloved uniform available which we offer to families before we put in any orders.

We undertake regular pricing reviews of our logo garments to ensure prices are competitive.

We encourage families to come and talk to us if they would like some help sourcing uniform.