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Remote Learning

Here at Kielder, we will always strive to provide face-to-face education for our community's children. However, the experiences of the last few years have taught us that we need to be prepared for any scenario.
Unplanned closure
In the event that the school has to close suddenly due to unplanned events such as extreme weather or structural problems, our staff will set tasks on platforms such as Doodle, ReadingEggs and BBC Bitesize. Parents/carers will be emailed with instructions as to how to access this. Teachers will check on progress remotely and build on this learning in future lessons. Families with limited access to devices may request to borrow a device from school.
Foreseen closure
Should a closure last more than one day, teachers will 'meet' with children online to introduce a task to them. They may then choose to stay online with the class or allow them to complete the task at their own pace before arranging to check back in with them at a later time. In this instance, teachers will use Google Meet as the delivery platform and, again, they will communicate with parents/carers to ensure the smooth flow of information.
Our priority is ensuring that our children have access to high-quality learning in all circumstances.