REMINDER: Parents' Meeting regarding Personal and Academic Progress Plans on Thursday 1st February, 3.30pm

School Development

As a school, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our central goal is to ensure that our children receive the best possible education during their time with us. To achieve this, we maintain a mentality of open-mindedness, self-reflection and flexibility.
Because of the unique nature of our school, key factors such as the school population can change very frequently. This means that the school's improvement priorities change regularly.
However, following a process of robust and frank self-evaluation, the school has identified three strategic priorities for 2023-2025.
These priorities are woven into our School Development Plan for 2023/24, alongside other emerging priorities. However, they will form the very basis of our self-evaluation and development plan for 2024/25. Please see below a one-page summary of our development objectives for this academic year.